Omer Bartov presents his latest book Anatomy of a Genocide

By Stephen Naron - October 4, 2018

In Anatomy of a Genocide, Bartov "explains that ethnic cleansing doesn’t occur as is so often portrayed in popular history, with the quick ascent of a vitriolic political leader and the unleashing of military might. It begins in seeming peace, slowly and often unnoticed, the culmination of pent-up slights and grudges and indignities. The perpetrators aren’t just sociopathic soldiers. They are neighbors and friends and family. They are human beings, proud and angry and scared. They are also middle-aged men who come from elsewhere, often with their wives and children and parents, and settle into a life of bourgeois comfort peppered with bouts of mass murder: an island of normality floating on an ocean of blood."

Christopher Browning, among other things author of pathbreaking work Ordinary Men, praised the book, saying "Bartov's masterful study of Buczacz — marked by comprehensive scholarship and a compelling narrative — exemplifies the very best in current Holocaust history writing."

Please join us in Sterling Memorial Library's Lecture Hall on October 8 at 5 PM to hear Bartov's presentation and participate in a Q&A.

For more information on the book, see the publisher's homepage:

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