The Holocaust and its Aftermath: Five Documentaries

By Sara Martone - October 3, 2023

Cancelled! October 12, Thursday, 7 pm: I am Free…but Who is Left? (Rudof, 2022) followed by a Q & A with filmmaker Joanne W. Rudof and Lawrence L. Langer at HQ L01, 320 York Street.

The film documents a mother, a father, four brothers, and a sister living in Hrubieszów, Poland, a small town with a majority Jewish population. They thrive economically and academically despite antisemitism. Survivors of the family and the town describe the Nazi invasion, brutality, destruction, and murder.

October 15, Sunday, 4-6:30 pm: Nuremberg: The Nazis Facing their Crimes (Delage, 2006) includes a Q & A with filmmaker Christian Delage, at HQ L01, 320 York Street.

The film powerfully and deliberately situates spectators in the heart of the Nuremberg Trials. The layered text explores the role of witnessing, filmmaking, and visual evidence in the public understanding of truth and justice.

October 15, Sunday, 7-8:15pm: Attacks in Paris (Christian Delage, 2023) includes a Q & A with filmmaker Christian Delage, at HQ L01, 320 York Street.

A documentary constructed from the oral histories focused on the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015, in which 130 people were killed.

October 23, Monday, 7 pm: Nuremberg; Its Lesson for Today (Stuart Schulberg, 1948) at LC101, 63 High Street.

October 26, Thursday, 7 pm: Filmmakers for the Prosecution (producer: Sandra Schulberg; director: Jean-Christophe Klotz, 2023) followed by a Q & A with filmmaker Sandra Schulberg, at HQ L02, 320 York Street.

The particular power of “Filmmakers for the Prosecution” is that it suggests what it must have been like to behold such images, in all their starkness and horror, for the first time.–LA Times
A reminder of the labor and risks that go into creating and preserving essential imagery of the past, even for the most notorious events in history.—NY Times

This series is co-sponsored by the Fortunoff Video Archive, Yale Film Archive, the Whitney Humanities Center, the Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism, and the Film and Media Studies Program.

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