Critical Edition Series

The Critical Editions Series contextualizes Fortunoff Video testimonies in their historical time and place. Each testimony in the series was chosen by one of our visiting scholars. Each scholar then produced an introductory essay, along with an annotated transcript. Read and Watch

Web Edition / The Ruins of Memory

The Fortunoff Archive's web edition of Lawrence L. Langer's seminal work Holocaust Testimonies: The Ruins of Memory. Read the text, watch the testimony excerpts cited in the book. Read and Watch

Web Edition / I Did Not Interview the Dead

The Fortunoff Archive and Illinois Institute of Technology's web edition of David Boder's I Did Not Interview the Dead. Read the text, listen to the excerpts from the book. Read and Listen

Visual Search Tool

Visual Search Tool: Filter the collection descriptions by date, place, subject and more. Learn More

Let Them Speak: In Search of the Drowned

Let Them Speak is a searchable digital anthology of testimonies from three institutions: Fortunoff, USHMM and USC Shoah Foundation. Learn More

Testimony Citation Database

Citation Database: is a tool for discovering texts that cite testimony, with links to the original materials. Learn More